How to Use a Wireless DMX Controller – Geek Support Tech

a wireless DMX controller. The wireless transmitter can be identical to an analog wired transmitter, it has other features.

Each light channel is equipped with the R G. or B. and A. every light channel comes with R, G, B and A (red-green, blue and All). You just need to press the red switch on the transmitter for 2 seconds and an LED-linked light will appear on both receiver and transmitter units. They should be paired in just five seconds.

The light will be set in the channel they most recently set, therefore when the user plans switching the channel, they need to make sure that they know which bank of control sliders control which channel is triggering the correct light.

Modern wireless DMX technology, the user is able to count on the system to work the first time each time. The system can be used over long distances and the only limitation is the fact that the system is affected by wireless interference. For a free demonstration and estimate on a wireless DMX controller, please call.


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